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We love import and wholesale businesses. Import duties, freight and logistics, pricing your stock accurately and sales/distribution channels are issues we deal with on a daily basis for clients.

We have a range of clients in this area, many import (to some degree) from one or multiple countries. Import duties, converting from foreign currencies and freight issues are all things we deal with on a regular basis. We can also assist with your pricing and logistics strategies, generally this is a business where your internal accounting systems must be very good to ensure you are tracking and pricing you stock accurately, we can assist with setting up an internal accounting and stock tracking system or review your existing system and our staff have worked across a broad range of systems.

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Federal Government Economic Stimulus Update

Additional $130 Billion stimulus package will mean businesses will be paid up to $1,500 a fortnight for each employee, as part of a “Job Keeper payment”. Major Banks have also announced further measures to assist with deferral of loan repayments for loans up to $10 mil. Temporary moratorium on evictions was also announced.

Federal Government Economic Stimulus Update

Further to our previous post, second stage of economic stimulus has been announced on the weekend. Totalling $189 Billion stimulus package aims to support your businesses and employees. Major Banks have also announced measures to assist with deferral of loan repayments.

Federal Government’s economic response to the Coronavirus

In response to the Coronavirus crisis, the Federal Government has outlined new measures in a stimulus package worth nearly $18 billion.

Single touch payroll (STP) will your business be ready on 1 July 2018?

Many busy owners and managers of medium sized businesses have missed this important change to the way you MUST communicate with the ATO. Single Touch Payroll is the next step in ATO payroll reporting. The way you report your employees’ payroll information to the ATO...

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