Virtual CFO



Virtual CFO


We understand that many businesses require an experienced finance professional to advise the owners on how their business is performing and especially determining any weaknesses that need addressing.

Unfortunately for many businesses, particularly small businesses, the cost of employing an experienced finance manager often exceeds 150k per annum and, as such, does not provide the value needed.

We offer a tailored solution to this need at a much more reasonable cost. Depending on your requirements, we will prepare and provide monthly or one-off management reports (or other customised reports as required) which not only assist you in measuring the performance of

your business and ‘knowing where you are at’ but can be provided to financial institutions when seeking finance or to a potential buyer if you are seeking to sell your business.

As part of this service, we also offer financial modelling which involves creating mathematical scenarios to facilitate informed decision-making. In the instance of a SME, for example, by using financial modelling we help business owners determine which projects are profitable and demonstrate the relationship between costs, productivity and revenue.

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