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At Key Business Accountants all our staffspecialise in XERO accounting systems. As XERO accountants we can help set the system up to suit your business needs. XERO will allow you to perform most of your processes at a fraction of time they currently take allowing you to save time doing non value add work and focus more on running your day to day business. We’ll cover key benefits XERO can bring to your business:


Automated bank feeds, streamlined bank reconciliations, automated invoicing, automated reminders to help collections and improve cash flow, professional reporting and mobile app are some of the benefits your business can gain by switching to XERO. If setup properly it can save you days of labour trying to stay on top of your books. Why not spend that time running your business instead.

Cloud Accounting

Gone are the days when you had to run a terminal server to host all your software on there to service your business. You had to have a dedicated IT person to help set it all up. You had to do manual backups and heaven forbid you ever had to recover from a power surge. Now days we have the cloud allowing our software to run on enterprise grade servers with multi server backups that have uninterrupted power supplies to make sure they are always running. This is the stuff only multinational companies had access to in the past and now it is available to YOU, a small business owner, at a fraction of the cost. XERO software runs in the cloud and all those upgrades that used to take your business offline for days on end now happen automatically. All the backups now happen automatically without you having to ever lift a finger. And it uses the bank grade security to keep your data safe.


With the software in the cloud you can now have multiple users accessing it at the same time from multiple locations. This allows you to operate your business from multiple locations and also allows us, your XERO accountants, to be able to access your data whenever you need help or are not sure how to process a specific transaction. This is true collaboration. And how many thousands do I need to spend to get all this you ask? Well the entire a software package is available to you at a small monthly premium.

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