Business Growth, Management and Analytics



Life Stage: Professional ‐ No Children

Employment Status: SME / Business Owner

Household Income Range: $75k ‐‐150k

Business Revenue Range: < $500K

Asset Summary: Company $120k, commercial property $350k, personal properties $600k

Liability Summary: Commercial loan $280k


  1. They were in the second year of business. They were not getting the right management support with their business.
  2. Accounting paperwork was manual and resulted in continual reminders from the tax office. They needed someone to help them get on top of that as their current accountant wasn’t really interested.
  3. They had no clear goals for their business and frankly had no idea how their business was performing.
  4. They didn’t really know how much they could afford to pay themselves.
  5. They wanted to employ someone but did not know what it entailed and if they could afford it.


  1. Migrated the client onto a proper cloud accounting system and setup their payroll.
  2. Educated the client on the importance of regular reporting and setting clear goals.
  3. We took over their entire accounting process including financials, tax returns and bookkeeping. As part of their quarterly BAS we provided them with a concise summary of their performance on the previous results and highlighted any areas needing attention.
  4. We setup regular sessions where we discuss their business goals and their personal goals and convert that into clear business targets.


  1. Client had full visibility of their business performance and measurable targets.
  2. Ability to plan and make better decisions around growth and expansion.
  3. They were now fully compliant with the ATO.
  4. Client could now manage payroll for any new employees using best practice